London Doll & Teddy Bear Show   

  London, Ontario

For information on reserving your table for the Fall 2017 show please email me at

Bluewater Babies Reborn Nursery

Tracy Dew

~ Reborn Baby Dolls

Victorian Fantasy

Susan Burgan

~ OOAK Handmade Teddy Bears

Lindsay B

~Antique, Vintage & Modern Dolls, Supplies, Shoes, Buttons

Rainbow Treasures

Shirleyann Bastable

~Doll Making Supplies, Handmade Dresses

Sandra Justin

~ Vinyl & Hard Plastic Dolls & Doll Clothes

Kuranyi's Kradle

Nancy Kuranyi

~ Reborn Baby Dolls & Handmade Clothing

Canadian Cuties Reborn Dolls

Emily Dawson

~ Reborn Baby Dolls

Catherine Griffin

~ Hansa Plush, Boyds Bears, Cottage Collect and Intuit Packing Dolls

Bears of the Abbey

Susan McKay

~ Artist Handcrafted Teddy Bears

Edythe Diebel

~ Vintage and Antique Dolls

MacPherson Arts & Crafts

~ Modern and Reborn Dolls, and Doll Supplies

Cili Deak

~ Vintage Dolls

Mary Ann Lang

~ Vintage & Antique Dolls, Bears & Ornaments

Jaine Lamb & Andrea Marccuci

~ Dolls, Bears & Accessories

JoAnn Box

~ OOAK Sculpted Monkeys, Modern Dolls, Etc

Owlets N Things

Beth Firth-Martin

~ Disney Armature & Waldorf Dolls, Doll Clothes, Beds,     Teepees

Marlene Brown

~ Dolls & Related items

Aprilart Dolls

April Norton

~ Handcrafted Porcelain Dolls

Cherry Watson

Antique Dolls, Teddy Bears, Accessories & 

Childhood Memorabilia

St Thomas Doll Club

~ New & Vintage Dolls, Doll Parts & Mickey Mouse Items

Wings Wonderful Things

Sharrie Wing

~ Antique & Handmade Dolls, and Supplies

Maxine Dierksen

~Vintages Dolls & Childhood Memorabilia

IFABB Reborn Nursery

Sarah Hanson Burley

~ Reborn Baby Dolls

Blessed Baby Creations

Ruth Seyffert

~ Reborn Baby Dolls

Purple Hill Togs

Eden Houser

~ Handmade Doll Clothes

The Doll Lady

Marlene Pfeil

~ Antique & Collectible Dolls, Bears & Accessories

Jennine Kafka

~ BJD Dolls & Supplies

Jenifer Waugh

~ Dolls, Bears and Hand-Knit Newborn Doll Clothes

Anne Bellefeuille

~ Antique dolls, Barbies, Bears, Doll Clothes

Claire & Ray Trudel
Old Dolls, Teddy Bears & Accessories

Bev Eybel-Misch
~ Canadian 50's/60's Dolls, Ethnic & Native Dolls, 
   Collectible 50's, 60's & 70's Dolls

Dots Tiny Tots
Dorothy Stevens
~ OOAK Sculpted Babies & Accessories

Norma Fisher
~ Vintage Barbie Clothes, 18" American Doll & Maplelea 
    Doll Clothes

Gloria Collymore
~ Vintage Barbie Dolls & Clothes